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    1. Friends in this department, you can ask any questions regarding the use of the tool, and also get answers.
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    A question that interests many …
    Can I use stainless steel for barrel use by push button method.
    The answer is no friends are forbidden !!!
    stainless steel generally has high hardness.
    The Barrel’s button-cutting method is based on metal indentation.
    Therefore, even if the rifling comes out, the barrel will have the wrong parameters.
    other methods are used for stainless steel – these are cold forging and metal cutting, but not buttons.


    How am I supposed to ream the barrel itself? I make a center hole, pilot hole and drill to the approximate size. Then I would need a reamer to ream the barrel. Since it is .22LR I don’t need a neck and throat.


    Tell me what you mean?
    Do you already have a barrel ready? and would you like to make an entry for cartridge?
    Or do you want to make a barrel completely from scratch?



    when you order a hammer button, does one get instructions regarding the drilled and reamed hole diameter necessary for the hammer button in the respective caliber?

    If not could you post a list of the necessary  (drilled&reamed) hole diameter for the varying hammer caliber buttons?
    Thanks! Cheers!


    Good afternoon, yes of course, if the buyer is interested, we will definitely give him the necessary recommendations after the purchase or before the purchase.
    There are actually a lot of calibers.
    Therefore, I see no reason to lay out the entire list.
    Yours faithfully

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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