Chamber Reamer+Combo Rifling button22 lr

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Hello dear buyer!We sell a complete set for the manufacture of the barrel.He has the reamer for the chamber and a button for cutting the barrel.The button has two heads.The first rifle,the second calibration,so you do not need additional calibration buttons,the button has 4 thread .Twist button 406 mm hardness of the button 65 units.
we can also make your measurements under the order. in the photo there is an example of work by our tool. Do not overpay, buy a good and working tool.

Dear friends, please pay attention to the fact that our profile on ebay deals exclusively with the sale of buttons, and all reviews are not hidden and you can read about them with respect to each instrument.
Now a few facts why a real button can not cost less than $ 45-50
1). A good alloy for the production of one button costs from 10 to 15 $
2). Each button is made manually with an accuracy of 0.01mm
3) Our instrument is one of the only ones that is not manufactured in China and has been certified, and complies with all international standards.

One and the same button does not apply to all calibres of the same size as China sells, for example, there can not be one 9mm button, since 9mm calibers are many 9×19, 9×18,9×17 and all buttons have different tolerances and different angles.
4) Yes you can pay $ 20 less but you will lose your time, month for delivery and the result of the work will be incorrect
5) Our buttons can withstand any shock loads, so you do not need an expensive press ($ 300). You can use any hammer and any direction to push the button (we also have buttons with guides), we respect our customers, appreciate their time, so only the best quality

Good shopping friends
Recommendations for using the button.
Recommended steel grades for working with a button;
Germany( DIN,WNr) 1.7223,41CrMo4;
France( AFNOR) 42CD4TS ;
Spain( UNE) 42CrMo4;
England ( BS) 708M40;
USA 4140,4142

Also very important is the thickness of the workpiece!
Each wall of the workpiece before using the button should be 1.5-2.0 diameter bullets
An example of calculating the diameter of the workpiece for the caliber 9mm Luger
9.02 (bullet diameter) * 1.5 = 13.53 minimum thickness of one wall
13.53 + 13.53 + 9.02 = 36.08 The minimum rod diameter for this caliber
We also use lubrication.

2 reviews for Chamber Reamer+Combo Rifling button22 lr

  1. jim (verified owner)

    Nice tools, very good quality made to fine tolerances. Having used the reamer i can say it leaves a perfect chamber with a high grade finish. The service i received was professional , polite and very obliging . Any questions i have are answered with good advice and i would not hesitate to recommend Hammerbutton to anyone. Thank you and best wishes.

  2. M

    Awsome cooperation, Seller is very responsive and helpful to any inquiry. Quality of tools is very good. For these items, definitely shop to go.

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