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    is it possible to make barrel blank with your custom button in caliber .30 (7,62) with twist 1:5?

    It is very fast twist so is there possibility that it will cause some issues (like button stuck in twist or too big land overlaps)?

    Do you have some experience making barrel with such a fast twist?

    It is intended for 300 AAC blackout cartridge.

    And one more question.

    When pushing button through blank using press. When I push button lets say 50 – 100 mm and stop in order to change plunger for longer one. Will this waiting time with button inside barrel make any bigger local stress or bigger diameters inside bore, because button will stay in this position for longer time?

    After turning barrel to final dimension, stress will release and thus diameters inside will be bigger (around +0,01 – +0,02mm) so is it possible that in places where button stayed longer there will be even bigger diameter than in rest of rifling?

    Thank you